Alltesta goes in 4 pre-assembled
configurations. Separate units also
available. Cloud software is free.


Basic Configurations

Isocratic Solvent Delivery
UV-VIS Detector
- Pump - Valve - Detector
Manual sample introduction
The “Basic” configuration is the most no frills and affordable HPLC system whilst fully optimized for educational institutions.
The perfect solution when only small numbers of samples need analysis.
Basic Automated
- Autosampler - Pump - Detector
Autosampler Injection
'Replacing valves with an autosampler allows automated analysis. This is a great setup when multiple analyses of the same type need to be carried out labor un-intensively.


Gradient Solvent Delivery,
Autosampler Injection,
Multiwavelength UV-VIS Detection
Gradient Automated
- Two Pumps - Autosampler - Detector
A laboratory workhorse, holds up to 48 samples or 96 wells
The “Gradient automated” configuration has 2 pumps to enable the delivery of gradient solvents.
This setting is intended for laboratories, universities and R&D departments. It will run several analyses via different methods.
Gradient Automated Flip
- Valve - Two pumps - Autosampler - Detector
Two-column automated analysis for bio samples.
The “Gradient Automated Flip” setting has an additional valve. It is our most advanced HPLC system.
This enables FlipLC functions or column switching capabilities.
Configurations available for all sorts of analysis.

Alltesta Mini

Complete functionality in a single unit
Offering small size, simplicity, and power to do most chromatography tests when automation is not required.

Alltesta Mini is the perfect analytical tool for education, onsite testing, monitoring production operations, and testing products in a small business setting when the lab is not available.

Easily upgrade your Mini with an additional pump and switching valve. If automated injection becomes required, you can upgrade the Mini by simply adding on our Alltesta Autosampler. If your product is not detectable by a UV detector, any other detector with an analog output can be supported.
2.5 x 4.5 x 10.0''
62 x 115 x 167 mm
3.0 lbs
1.4 kg
Required Wires
Power & Ethernet
Schools & Universities
Discounts Up to 20%


The Autosampler Frees Up Time and Handles Accuracy
Compact autosampler has the capacity to hold 48 standard 2.0ml vials or 96 wells plate to automate routines. This is fully integrated into the software, available from any place at any time

Inexpensive and reliable automation for any analytical and liquid handling instrument. Comprehensive control with direct access to all of its features. Build a sequence, control injection order and assign a method to each sample.
6 x 6.5 x 7''
150 x 160 x 185 mm
5 lbs
2.2 kg
Data Acquisition Rate
up to 80 sps
Syringe volume
100 μL, 4000 μL
Loop volume
100 μL standard
Tray capacity
48 2mL vials or 96 wells plate
Contact with liquid
SS316, PEEK, PTFE, Vespel


The Syringe Pump Delivers Pulseless Liquid Flow
Designed for nearly every modern application that involves accurate flow metering. Suitable for diverse chemical and biomedical research areas where precise solvent dosing is required

The syringe method of solvent delivery solves most problems associated with reciprocating pumps. Stable pulseless flow at any pressure. No solvent degassing required. Flow stability does not depend on the check valve performance. The pump is highly durable due to requiring one plunger stroker per analysis. Boasts a wide range of flow rates and fast refill times.
2.5 x 4.5 x 6.6''
62 x 115 x 167 mm
2.8 lbs
1.3 kg
There are two important advantages of a Gradient Alltesta system
The solvent gradient is formed with zero dead volume on the high-pressure side
Two syringe pump design eliminates the need for a solvent mixer and a pulse dampener
Max pressure
400 psi
flow rate resolution
1 μL/min
pressure indication
10 psi
liquid capacity
5000 μL
per cycle
flow rate
1 - 2000 μL/min
refill speed
10000 μL/min
30 seconds


Our High-pressure
Switching Valve
Expands Opportunities
The Alltesta high pressure, high speed switching valve allows for several flow paths switching under high pressure

In a most affordable “Basic” setup, this valve eliminates the need for an autosampler by employing a fixed-volume injection loop and a manual syringe for sample introduction. Valve in “Flip” setup enables sample cleaning or column-switching for R&D purposes.
2.5 x 4.5 x 1.8''
62 x 115 x 45 mm
0.7 lbs
300 grams
pressure (max)
500 psi
350 bar
Switch time (60 degrees)
0.3 sec
Liquid ports
10 - 32 UNF
compression style
Number of ports
5,6, or 8
per cycle
contact with liquid


The Detector Sheds Light
on the Analytes
The Alltesta UV/VIS Detector is designed to continuously monitor the optical characteristics of the flow with up to 4 wavelengths simultaneously. The LED driven light source has zero warm up time along with great durability

To eliminate bubble formation in the detector cell, we included a built-in back pressure regulator. The typical application is HPLC, but other applications such as Flow Injection Analysis (FIA) and preparative & flash chromatography can also be utilized.
The Detector cell is replaceable and available in two versions, 3 μL and 10 μL in volume.
2.5 x 4.5 x 1.8''
62 x 115 x 45 mm
0.4 lbs
170 grams
Data Acquisition Rate
Up to 80 sps
Cell pressure (max)
400 psi
30 bar
Liquid ports
10 - 32 UNF
compression style
cell volume
3 μL, 10 μL
wavelength range
250 nm
and up
Up to 4
noise level
0.05 mAU
Reach our